Sarees made from banana fiber or Vazhai naar pattu are also known as Chinnalapattu sarees, Vaalai silk handloom sarees, Banana silk sarees or Banana pith sarees. The sarees originated in Tamilnadu are a remarkable example of sustainable and eco-friendly fashion. The sarees are crafted using the inner stem of the banana plant with a unique weaving technique, showcase local artisans' creativity and promote environmental consciousness, and sustainable fashion practices. Narumugai has an exquisite collection of Banana silk sarees or banana pith sarees to choose from.

A vegan brocade silk saree in coral and brick red with silver tone zari from Narumugai.

Banana stems are available in abundance. However, manually extracting the fibers from the stems takes a lot of time and effort. The fibers from the stem of the banana plant are carefully removed to start the process of creating Banana pith sarees. The fibers are separated, and after being naturally dried in the sun, they are prepared for weaving. These fibers are woven into sarees by skilled artisans using hand-operated looms, creating a fabric that is not only stunning but also cozy and breathable. The sarees' natural beige color is a testament to their eco-friendly production process, avoiding the use of synthetic dyes or chemicals. Different varieties of silk sarees, cotton sarees, etc., of trending designs and colors are available with Narumugai.

The adaptability of banana pith sarees is one of its most alluring features. They are lightweight, warm-weather-friendly sarees and are a popular option for both casual wear and special occasions. They are a popular among fashion fans because of their distinctive texture, natural gloss, and ability to lend elegance to any outfit. Banana pith sarees not only enhance aesthetics but also promote sustainable practices by using discarded parts of the banana plant, thereby reducing agricultural waste. The sustainable use of natural resources extends beyond fashion and applies to various aspects of daily life.

Banana pith sarees are well known for their fashionable appeal as well as their favorable effects on the local economies. These sarees are weaved by rural craftsmen, giving them work opportunities, fostering economic independence and gender equality. Banana pith sarees stand as a symbol of sustainable and eco-friendly fashion. The sarees as a fashion statement promote a better future for the planet and its people, showcasing the timeless charm of natural fibers. Thus, supporting and promoting the sustainable eco-friendly fashion, Narumugai has an exclusive collection of Banana pith sarees, Cotton sarees, and other varieties of silk sarees in different colors and designs catering to all kinds of events.

October 27, 2023 — Narumugai DM