Girls Lighting Diya

India is a land of festivals with diverse cultures and traditions. Every season and occasion is associated with a festival, a country where celebrations never cease. Of the numerous festivals celebrated with great enthusiasm and delight, Navratri is the most colorful and spiritually significant festival that spans nine nights dedicated to the worship of the goddess Durga and her various forms.

Each night of Navratri is associated with a specific color and deity.

Various ways to celebrate the Navratri with Orange color

The vibrant orange color is adorned on the first of the nine nights, symbolizing the energy, enthusiasm, and warmth of life. Celebrating this day draped in an orange pure silk Kanchipuram silk saree, Mysore silk saree, Tussar silk saree, and the choice is endless adds to the joy and spiritually enriching experience. Whether you reside in the US or the UK, festivals, and traditions are an inseparable part of every Indian. So, if you are looking for the best site to buy sarees online in the USA, Narumugai has an amazing sarees collection.

Orange marigolds are the most preferred when it comes to festive decoration. Add vibrancy to Orange by decorating with Orange flowers, drapes, lamps, and lights. Considered the auspicious color, Orange infuses the environment with energy.

Decorating the puja room is one of the most important elements of the celebration. Most devotees decorate with Orange color flowers and some use Orange pure silk Kanchipuram silk saree or Mysore silk saree to decorate the area surrounding the deity as they pray to Goddess Shailaputri.

The traditional festive cuisines of India are renowned worldwide. Preparing delicacies using orange fruits and vegetables such as pumpkins and carrots not only adds to the festive ambiance but also nourishes your body with the goodness of nature's bounty.

Garba Dance

One can never forget the excitement and energy this festival brings with traditional dance forms such as Garbha or Dandiya. A traditional lehenga made of pure silk Kanchipuram silk saree or Pen Kalamkari could be the best pick for the occasion. Dandiya and Garbha events are held in every part of the globe during Navratri, so if you are looking for the best site to buy sarees online in USA, shop sarees at Narumugai. From Kanchipuram silk sarees to Bishnupuri silk sarees and even vegan silk, Narumugai has a wide range of sarees collections.



As you celebrate with orange, take a moment to reflect on the symbolism of the color and what it represents in your life. Set intentions for the upcoming days of Navratri.

Celebrating the first night of the nine nights of Navratri with the color orange is a wonderful way to embrace the vibrancy of life and connect with the divine feminine energy. It is a reminder to infuse our lives with enthusiasm, courage, and warmth, not only during the festival but throughout the year. By immersing ourselves in the joy of Navratri, we can experience a deeper connection with our spirituality and the world around us.

October 15, 2023 — Narumugai DM