In the world of fashion, trends come and go, but vintage and retro styles are making a comeback in the saree fashion world. What makes these sarees so irresistible is that they evoke nostalgia while giving you a timeless and elegant look. With summer fast approaching, it's the perfect time to explore the world of vintage & retro sarees. Not only do they keep you cool, but they also transport you to the past.

The terms "retro" and "vintage" have been used interchangeably in recent years, which can lead to confusion when you're trying to find something specific. For many fashion enthusiasts, it's important to know the differences between the two, especially if you're shopping online, where these two terms can lead to very different results. Narumugai the best online portal where you can purchase sarees from gives you both the traditional and modern fabrics and designs.

Vintage is a term used to describe items that are older than a certain age, but still have enough age to feel as if they're from a different time or period. This includes items that are between 20 and 99 years old, and often evoke nostalgia and may even be collectible items.

Retro, on the other hand, is a term used for items that aren't old at all, but are newly made and designed to look that way.

Charming retro sarees

Vintage and Retro sarees have a unique charm that goes beyond the limitations of time. They transport us back to different times, each with its unique style and characteristics. The renewed interest in vintage and retro styles can be explained by a combination of factors.

Vintage and Retro styles evoke a deep sense of nostalgia. Wearers of these sarees feel a deep connection with the past, where the fabric of the saree carries the memories of simpler times.

The eternal elegance of vintage & retro sarees

At the core of vintage & retro sarees is a timeless elegance that never goes out of style. It is like owning a piece of your fashion history that will never go out of style.

Vintage sarees are not only known for their nostalgia and timeless elegance but also for their stunning array of aesthetics. From the elegant draperies of the fifties to the vibrant prints of the seventies, each era has its unique fashion trends. There is a vintage saree out there to suit every fashion lover.

Vintage sarees celebrate the arts of their time. They are a beautiful tapestry for those who want to add a touch of the past to their everyday wardrobe.

Mixing vintage and retro sarees can be tricky during the summer season. Here are some tips to help you achieve the perfect combination of nostalgia and comfort that gives you a sophisticated metro style.

Choose cotton fabrics: Start by selecting sarees made from cotton fabric. Not only will it keep you cool in the summer, but it will also add a touch of luxury to your vintage look.

Accessories: When it comes to accessories, vintage sarees and retro looks call for a different approach. Look for vintage jewellery, brooch, or hair accessories that will take you back in time.

Blouse: Embrace the authenticity of your chosen decade by wearing a vintage-inspired blouse. High necklines, ruffled sleeves, and puffed sleeves are classic styles that will add a touch of elegance to your vintage saree.

Finally, finish your look with hairstyles and makeup that reflect the era you're channeling. Whether it's vintage curls, carefully applied winged eyeliner or bold lipstick shades that capture the essence of the era, your look will be authentic as well as cozy and chic.


Vintage and Retro saree styles are the perfect way to escape the summer heat and stay normal during the summer. Whether you're looking for the glamour of the 1950's or the Bohemian chic of the 70's, these timeless saree styles have a timeless charm that never goes out of style. Narumugai, online shop is beyond just selling sarees.

Let's embrace the nostalgia, pick the perfect vintage saree or retro saree and make a statement that combines timeless elegance with cozy looks.

February 05, 2024 — Narumugai DM