Cherished childhood memories often include seeing your mother dressed in that special saree making you feel proud and happy. The sight of your mother elegantly draped in a saree, with its vibrant colors, the sound of the fabric rustling as she moved, or the feel of the soft material against your skin as you hugged her with the faint sound of her bangles jingling is quite a sensory experience for any girl.

Remembering the sight of your mother wearing a saree might bring back feelings of warmth, comfort, and nostalgia. For almost all girls, the first saree they wear belong to their Mothers. It is a proud, cherished moment for both the mother and the daughter. 

My mother treasured every special saree. Even after many times of wearing, all her sarees were like brand new, neat and clean. My first saree, I wore to college function was her saree. She normally do not prefer to sticth the blouse from the blouse piece that comes with the saree, she used to get a seperate blouse material to go with the saree. After I started wearing sarees, I used to stitch all the blouse materials that comes with her saree to my size, so that I can simply choose one of my mom's sarees to wear on special occasions.

We used to twin on new sarees sometimes, meaning same saree just in a different color. 

I am the exact opposite of my mom in handling a saree. A messy one !!!

The one saree that she cherished a lot and never shared with me was her wedding saree. It was a peacock blue Kanjivaram silk saree with gold zari woven in floral patterns and a rettai pettu self colored border.  

After her passing, wearing her saree brings me happiness and warmth. It makes me feel her close to my heart when all I have left are pictures and loads of memories!!!

Overall wearing your mother's saree can bring a lot of happiness and emotional significance. Sarees hold a special place in Indian culture, and they are often passed down through generations as family heirlooms. When you wear your mother's saree, it can make you feel connected to her and to your family's heritage.


May 14, 2023 — Ramya Paulpandian