Navratri, a celebration of joy and devotion is a vibrant and auspicious festival. Each of the nine days is marked by worshiping the nine forms of Goddess Durga. Of these nine days, the seventh day is associated with the gray color. You can adorn yourself with a gray pure kanchipuram silk saree or decorate the puja room with gray drapes. If you choose to go with a gray traditional attire, you have a wide range of sarees collections at Narumugai to choose from. From Gadwal Silk to Mysore Silk, from Chantilly lace saree to kantha work sarees, you can choose one that suits you.

Couple in Grey costume doing Garba

Guidelines for Elegantly Styling Gray

Gray comes in different shades. Choose the right shade that can complement your skin tone. While some look stunning in dark gray, some look gorgeous in light gray, so there is no one-type-suits-all when choosing.

While traditional outfits such as a gray saree kanchipuram silk saree is the ideal pick, one can also go for a lehenga designed with a kanjivaram tissue silk saree or bishnupuri silk saree with intricate silver embroidery. If you prefer a contemporary look, you can opt for a gray long gown dress or an elegant jumpsuit.

Jewelry is an important factor that enhances your overall appearance, so accessorize thoughtfully. Gray and black bangles with metal earrings and necklaces are perfect to add a touch of style and grace.

Couple in Grey costume doing Garba

Significance of Gray Color

Gray associated with Goddess Kalaratri symbolizes strength and the destruction of all evil. Decorating a puja room with gray color invokes serenity and spirituality. Gray walls or accents provide a neutral backdrop. You can create a backdrop with drapes using gray tussar silk or pure silk, thus allowing vibrant deity idols and colorful decorations to stand out.

Whether you reside in India or other parts of the world, festivals and traditions are an integral part of every Indian's life and with everything available online, nothing is difficult to find. Especially, if you are looking for some Indian sarees in the USA, you can explore the wide collection at Narumugai, the best site to buy sarees online in the USA.

Navratri is a joyful and festive time of year. It's important to immerse yourself in the festivities, participate in the Garba and dandiya, and embrace the spirit of the festival with a joyous heart. Your attire should also show your individual style and grace.


On the seventh day of Navratri, you can show your devotion and sense of style by dressing in gray with flair and grace. You can create a magnificent ensemble that embodies the spirit of this joyous occasion while exhibiting your individual style and personality by picking the appropriate share, mixing and matching, and paying attention to details like accessories and most importantly decorating the puja room to reflect the significance of the color and occasion.

October 21, 2023 — Narumugai DM