Mysore silk sarees are a classic example of Karnataka's illustrious cultural heritage and elegance in India. The stunning works of woven art of these sarees have been treasured for ages and stand for sophistication, tradition, and regal magnificence. Mysore silk sarees, which originate from the royal city of Mysore in southern Karnataka, represent a beautiful synthesis of tradition, skill, and elegance. Narumugai offers an exclusive collection of Mysore silk sarees in attractive colors.


Mysore silk sarees are famous for their unrivaled softness, lightweight feel, and lustrous texture as they are crafted from the highest grade silk. The silk sarees are crafted using mulberry silk, renowned for its strength and natural sheen from Ramanagar, Asia's largest silk market. The distinct feature of these sarees is an intricate weaving process involving traditional techniques by artisans, showcasing their skills and attention to detail.

 Mysore Silk Saree in Coral with floral brocade pattern in Silver Zari- Silkmark Certified

Mysore silk sarees are known for their minimalistic and elegant design, featuring plain or subtly adorned borders that allow the luxurious silk fabric to take center stage. The saree's timeless appeal is enhanced by the use of muted, earthy colors, which makes them appropriate for a variety of events, including weddings, formal parties, cultural festivals, and other celebrations. Choose your favorite saree for any occasion from the wide range of collection at Narumugai.


The region's royal past is intricately entwined with the heritage of Mysore silk sarees. The Tipu Sultan era saw a surge in the silk industry, making Mysore a popular and profitable culture. Later on the Maharajas of the Wodeyar dynasty patronized silk production, leading to India's first silk manufacturing unit, now run by Karnataka Silk Industries Corporation (KSIC), producing Mysore silk sarees.

 Mysore Silk Saree in Pink with floral broacade - Silk Mark Certified

Exclusively produced Mysore silk sarees have a distinctive shine and luster that guarantees its life and authenticity. They have a refined look about them due to their grace and simplicity. The silk sarees are distinguished by their consistent color, embellished with zaris, floral motifs, mango buttis patterns, Kasuti stitching, and Bandhani patterns creating a distinctive and alluring appearance. Mysore silk sarees are not just clothing, they symbolize tradition and grace, passed down through generations, serving as a link between the past and the present.


Thus, a Mysore silk saree represents class, sophistication, and a love of Indian craftsmanship. These classy, traditional relics transcend fashion trends and ensure an enduring legacy for future generations. For all types of sarees like handloom cotton, Kanjeevaram silk, Mysore silk sarees, Banaras silk, Kalamkari, etc. and other exclusive range of sarees shop with Narumugai at affordable prices.

November 23, 2023 — Narumugai DM