Mysore Silk Sarees are known for their beautiful craftsmanship and their timeless elegance. Artisans and designers have come up with a variety of unique designs and innovations over the years to keep up with changing fashion trends while maintaining their traditional appeal. Below are some of the unique designs and innovations that you can find in the silk sarees of Mysore:


Zari Work

Zari work is a type of zari embroidery in which gold or silver threads are woven into the silk fabric to create beautiful patterns, motifs, and borders. Zari's work is often characterized by modern geometric designs and natural motifs.


Temple Border Sarees

Temple border sarees have unique temple motifs along the edge of the fabric, often with intricate carvings or architectural elements. New motifs and placement of temple designs are some of the innovations in the temple border sarees.

 Mysore Silk Saree in Coral with floral brocade pattern in Silver Zari- Silkmark Certified

Embroidery and Embellishments

Some of the Mysore Silk sarees are embroidered with modern threads, sequins and beads to add some glamour and individuality to the classic silk fabric.


Digital Prints

With the help of modern technology, Mysore silk has been digitally printed with a wide variety of patterns and colours from traditional to modern.


2 Tone Sarees

Two-tone colours are becoming more and more popular in Mysore silk. These sarees feature a different colour on the decorative end of the saree compared to the rest, creating an eye-catching contrast.


Contrast Blouses

The trend of contrasting blouses is not restricted to the saree. Designers often mix and match different fabrics, textures and patterns to create unique combinations. You can learn more about this, at the Narumugai website.


Contemporary Pallu Designs

While the saree may retain traditional patterns on the body, the pallu is often adorned with modern designs, such as floral or abstract patterns, which add a modern touch to the traditional outfit.



Digital Embroidery machines are used to create detailed and precise designs on the Mysore silk saree.


Fusion Sarees

Designers are experimenting with different combinations of Mysore silk and other fabrics, such as chiffon and georgette, to make fusion sarees. Chiffon sarees and georgette sarees combine the richness of the silk with the light and drape of the other fabrics.


Hand-painted Sarees

Hand-painted sarees are handmade and feature unique and artistic designs. Each piece is hand-painted to create a unique piece of art.


Trends in Mysore Silk Sarees

Unconventional Color Combinations, Eco-Friendly Dyeing, Customization, and More.

Contemporary Mysore Silk sarees may come in a variety of colour combinations, which differ from the traditional ones to meet the needs of today's customers. Visit Narumugai to procure sarees online from a variety of patterns.

As the environment becomes more and more of a concern, some manufacturers of Mysore Sarees are beginning to use eco-friendly dyes to dye their sarees.

Customization: A lot of designers and shops offer customization services. Customers can design their own Mysore silk Saree with their pattern, colours, motifs, etc.

Stay relevant in today's ever-changing fashion industry.

 Mysore Silk Saree in Pink with floral broacade - Silk Mark Certified


In recent years, Mysore silk saree designs have witnessed remarkable innovations. Traditional motifs have been infused with modern aesthetics, resulting in a fusion of heritage and contemporary fashion. Intricate embroidery, unconventional colour palettes, and experimental draping styles have gained popularity, attracting a younger audience. These innovations not only preserve the rich heritage of Mysore silk sarees but also ensure their relevance in today's fashion landscape. Get the timeless charm and evolving designs of Mysore silk sarees symbols of elegance and cultural pride at Narumugai to glorify our rich cultural and textile heritage and the artisans who treasure them and pass them down from generation to generation to keep them alive.

November 03, 2023 — Narumugai DM