Developed in the 14th century, the renowned Berhampuri Patta saree is a 200-year-old knit design. Mohuri Kings of the silk city of Odisha introduced the Berhampuri patta. Berhampuri silk saree is crafted with meticulous attention to authenticity, quality, and timeless elegance, a tradition dating back centuries. The hub of this fine craft, where craftspeople expertly turn silk threads into pieces of beauty, is Berhampur, a city in the Ganjam region of Odisha. Due to its distinctive weaving, it has GI tags, which are associated with a certain geographic location's culture, traditions, history, etc. Narumugai has an awesome collection of Berhampuri silk sarees to choose your favorite.


The Berhampuri Patta, made in Berhampur is known for its thick silk, which has a distinctive texture. The journey of the silk sarees starts with the selection of the finest 'Tasar' silk threads, sourced primarily from wild silkworms in the region. The sarees are crafted from an indigenous silk variety, renowned for its unique texture, sheen, and durability, crafted by skilled weavers over generations.

 Berhampuri double pallu saree: a double beauty in pure silk.

The hallmark Berhampuri Silk Sarees are renowned for their intricate ikat design, known as 'Bandha', which involves dyeing and tying threads before weaving to create vibrant patterns. Catering to a wide range of tastes of people, the motifs range from conventional geometric patterns to more modern designs. The Berhampur phoda kumbha has a distinctive weaving pattern, particularly the patterns in the contemporary temple borders. Each saree is a piece of living history as a result of time-consuming & precise procedure that is passed down through the generations. You have an amazing choice of handpicked collection of these silk sarees from Narumugai suitable for various occasions and in different price range.


Weaving of Berhampuri silk sarees is a labor-intensive procedure that uses traditional handlooms by skilled artisans. The intricate patterns of a saree are created through meticulous thread placement and precise shuttle maneuvering, taking weeks or months to complete. Popular in Odisha, the Berhampuri silk sarees feature a vibrant color palette crafted using natural dyes, preserving the region's traditional dyeing tradition. The predominant colors include earthy tones, brilliant reds, and deep blues, with each hue signifying a particular component of the community's history and heritage. When worn proudly, these sarees bring a sense of grandeur and tradition to weddings, festivals, and other important celebrations.

 Berhampuri saree: a pure silk double pallu with fish motifs.

Of late, the Berhampuri silk saree has become increasingly popular domestically and abroad. To ensure that this antiquated craft survives in the present era, efforts have been made to promote and protect it. These sarees are valued possessions for many people because of their authenticity and cultural significance. They serve as both apparel and a reminder of Odisha's enduring tradition.


Hence, the Berhampuri silk sarees are more than just clothes. They are works of art and historical preservation that draw admirers of fashion and art from all over the world. Narumugai has some of the finest collection of different varieties of silk sarees, cotton sarees, etc., suiting for all occasions in affordable price range.

November 15, 2023 — Narumugai DM