Navratri, one of the most prominent Hindu festivals celebrated with fervor and devotion, worshiping the divine feminine in various ways throughout the course of nine nights. Each day is associated with a unique color that symbolizes divine power in various forms. Of the nine days, the ninth day is associated with peacock green taking center stage to honor Goddess Siddhidatri, the ninth form of the Divine Mother, Durga. One can choose to dress traditionally in a peacock green Kanchipuram silk saree or decorate the puja room with hanging diyas painted in green. Additionally, one can also use peacock green colored tussar silk or Bishnupuri silk sarees as decorative drapes. Finding all these in one place is not difficult as Narumugai's sarees collection includes sarees of different fabrics, colors, and designs.

couple in pecock green costume doing garba this

Peacock green is a vivid and unique color that is associated with goddess Siddhidatri. It represents the ninth day, which is a combination of mysticism, elegance, and spirituality that reflects the core of Siddhidatri.

Significant of the color in association with Navratri

The color peacock green is specifically chosen as it symbolizes the heavenly attributes of Siddhidatri. This unique color is a combination of green and deep blue and represents a peaceful fusion of prosperity and divinity. With its shimmering green and blue feathers, the peacock is revered as this goddess' ride. The color choice of peacock green captures the grandeur and abundance linked to this amazing bird in addition to reflecting the hues of the peacock.

Devotees celebrate by adorning themselves in different shades of peacock green such as a peacock green Mysore silk saree, vegan silk, and others. This creates an atmosphere of both spiritual significance and aesthetic beauty. In addition to this, decorating the homes with green décor such as indoor plants and creepers, flowers, and lights add to the festivity. The hue is associated with life rebirth and the blossoming of fresh opportunities, which is a wonderful match for Siddhidatri's qualities.

couple in pecock green costume doing garba this

Peacock green has a strong connection with nature as well. It represents the greenery of forests, the rejuvenation of life in spring, and the promise of a good harvest. The color's connection to Siddhidatri highlights her function as life's sustaining force and a source of spiritual fulfillment.

It is believed that wearing peacock green during Navratri helps one connect with the divine energy and achieve spiritual bliss. Whether you choose to dress traditionally in a mysore silk saree or a Kanchipuram silk saree or a green lehenga designed using kantha work saree or tussar silk saree that is perfect for the Garbha or Dandiya, you will find everything on Narumugai, one of the best online saree shopping sites in USA.


Peacock green, the color of significance on the ninth day of Navratri, represents a strong connection between spirituality and nature. It includes the essence of Goddess Siddhidatri, the divine form known to bless with spiritual accomplishments, fearlessness, and the realization of deepest aspirations. As devotees immerse themselves in this exquisite hue on the ninth day of Navratri, they not only honor the goddess, but also seek her blessings to fulfill their spiritual journeys and manifest their dreams.

October 24, 2023 — Narumugai DM