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Tussar Silk saree in Beige with Handpainted Pattachitra art - Silkmark Certified


This hand-painted tussar saree in beige featuring a Pattachitra painting is a mesmerizing piece of art. The beige color would complement the earthy tones typically used in Pattachitra paintings, allowing the vibrant colors of the scene to pop.

In the pallu, Radha and Krishna are beautifully portrayed on a swing, embodying a romantic and playful moment. Surrounding them we find lush vegetation and a serene pond, where gopis (female companions of Radha) are depicted engaging in various activities, adding depth and context to the scene. Each detail, from the expressions to the gestures of the gopis and the natural elements around them is delicately painted by hand, showcasing the skill and artistry of the painter.

Wearing such a saree would not only be a fashion statement but also a celebration of Indian culture and art, honoring the timeless themes of love, devotion, and pastoral beauty depicted in Pattachitra paintings.

  • Fall and Pico - Done.
  • Blouse - Unstitched.

Handloom tussar silk saree. Silk Mark Certified saree.

Please note:

  • Color may vary slightly from the picture.
  • Thread pulls, knots and few thread gaps are common in this type of saree and is not a defect.
  • Minor paint bleeds are very common due to the hand painted nature of the saree and is not a defect.

Tussar silk

Care instructions
  • Air dry after every wear
  • Warm iron if required
  • Dry clean only