India is known for producing some of the finest handmade textiles in the world, and Odisha is no different. Odisha has a rich history of weaving, and among the most sought-after textiles from Odisha is the Berhampuri silk saree. Known for their unique designs and quality silk, these sarees are popular among women who love Indian traditional textiles.

•  Black and Blue Berhampuri Saree with Double Pallu

History and origin of Berhampuri silk

Odisha silk weaving has its roots in ancient times. It is said that silk weaving art was introduced to Odisha during the time of the Kalingas, who ruled the state from the 3rd century BC to the 4th century AD. Over the years, Odisha silk weavers developed their style and techniques.

Berhampuri silk sarees are one of the most popular types of silk sarees in Odisha. It originated from the city of Berhampur in the south of the state. The saree gained popularity at the beginning of the 20th century. Today, it is considered to be one of the best examples of Indian handmade fabric.

Odisha's finest silk sarees are crafted from pure silk and feature beautiful designs, intricately woven borders, and a soft texture. You can get these online @ Narumugai, the popular portal for online purchase of quality sarees.

Types of silk sarees from Odisha

There are many types of silk sarees in Odisha viz., Sambalpuri silk saree, Bomkai silk saree, Kotpad silk saree, Berhampuri Silk etc. are some of the most popular kinds of silk sarees. Berhampuri silk saree is famous for its beautiful designs and quality silk.

Patta saree characterized by its unique designs is made using a unique dyeing process. They are known for their beautiful borders. The borders of this type of saree are usually made of different contrasting colours and have intricate patterns.

Double pallu saree is another type of saree that is increasing in popularity. The double pallu saree has two pallus or ends. The ends of the saree are decorated with various designs and patterns. This type of double pallu saree is ideal for women who like to experiment with various draping styles.

Purple and Yellow Berhampuri Saree with Double Pallu and Fish Patterns

Weaving process of Berhampuri silk

Berhampuri silk saree is woven with great care and precision. The first step in the process is to select high-quality silk. Then, the silk is washed and dried before being wound on a spinning wheel to form threads. The threads are then dyed with natural colours and dried in the sun which then initiates the weaving process. The weavers use traditional loom techniques to create beautiful sarees with intricate designs and patterns. The weaving process is very slow and laborious, but the result is beautiful sarees that are loved by women around the world.

Berhampur Silk City is the silk-weaving hub of Odisha. It has a long tradition of silk weaving and today is the home of thousands of silk weavers who produce some of the best silk sarees in India. It is also known as the silk saree shop and showroom where women can shop saree and buy some of the best examples of silk sarees in the country.

Berhampur silk saree is one of the finest and most beautiful silk sarees in all of India. It is renowned for its intricate designs, quality silk, and lovely borders. Whether you are visiting Berhampur in person or buying sarees online, you should make sure to shop for authentic handmade textile items and support the silk weavers who are keeping the tradition of silk weaving alive.



The Berhampuri silk saree stands as the quintessential choice for traditional Odisha marriage ceremonies. Renowned for its exquisite craftsmanship, vibrant colors, and cultural significance, this saree seamlessly embodies the rich heritage of Odisha amoung pure silk sarees. Its elegance and traditional appeal make it the perfect attire to enhance the grace and beauty of brides during the auspicious occasion, symbolizing a harmonious blend of tradition and style in the celebration of love and union. Shopping sarees now made easier with e-commerce site of Narumugai.

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