Gadwal silk sarees, with their rich heritage and timeless elegance, have been an integral part of the Indian cultural tapestry for centuries. Originating from the town of Gadwal in Telangana, these sarees are renowned for their unique weaving technique, distinctive zari work, and vibrant colours. In recent times, interest has been resurgent for traditional Indian textiles, and designers are infusing new styles into Gadwal silk sarees to cater to the contemporary tastes of the modern Indian woman. Narumugai, with a variety of sarees collections, is a unique online platform for shopping saree.

Green and Red Gadwal Saree with Silver Zari Work

Traditional principles but modern looks

The traditional Gadwal silk saree is characterized by its silk base and cotton body, known as Kuttu. However, in the new Indian style, designers are experimenting with different fabrics and blends to offer a variety of options to consumers. The incorporation of pure silk or silk blends with other materials adds a luxurious touch to the sarees, making them suitable for various occasions, from festive celebrations to formal events.

One of the significant shifts in the new Indian style of Gadwal silk sarees is the exploration of vibrant and unconventional colour combinations. While traditional Gadwal sarees are often characterized by earthy tones and gold zari work, contemporary designers are introducing bold hues and contrasting patterns. This infusion of modern colour palettes allows women to express their individuality and embrace a more eclectic sense of style while still honouring the traditional craftsmanship of Gadwal sarees.

In terms of design, the traditional motifs of Gadwal sarees, such as temple borders and butta patterns, are being reimagined with a modern twist. Designers are incorporating contemporary elements like geometric shapes, floral patterns, and abstract designs to add a fresh and stylish appeal to the sarees. This fusion of traditional and modern aesthetics creates sarees that are not only timeless but also relevant in today's fashion landscape.

Silver and Gold Zari Gadwal Silk Saree in Orange and Pink

Changes with changing times

Furthermore, the new Indian style of Gadwal silk sarees often includes innovative draping techniques. Designers are experimenting with unconventional drapes, pleats, and pallu styles to offer women a range of options for styling their sarees. This adaptability makes Gadwal silk sarees suitable for various occasions, allowing women to exude confidence and grace in their chosen attire.

Another notable trend in the new Indian style of Gadwal silk sarees is the integration of contemporary blouse designs. Designers are creating blouses with modern cuts, trendy necklines, and unique sleeve patterns to complement the traditional elegance of the sarees. This combination of traditional craftsmanship with modern blouse designs allows women to make a bold fashion statement while embracing their cultural roots.



The new Indian style of Gadwal silk sarees seamlessly blends tradition with modernity, offering women a wide range of options to express their style and personality. With innovative fabric choices, vibrant colour palettes, reimagined designs, and contemporary draping techniques, these sarees continue to hold a special place in the hearts of Indian women, and now Narumugai bridging the gap between the rich cultural heritage and the evolving fashion landscape.
November 24, 2023 — Narumugai DM